PAOLO FRESU: la Via Emilia della Musica- video


Maybe there’s no other region in Italy with such a rich history… so rich and so… heterogeneous and multi-faceted.

Not only on the history side itself but also on music production with historical recording studios where the most important music of Italy was recorded.

Characters like Luccio… Luccini… Vasco… the ones who are alive and the ones who aren’t here anymore and many more. We could quote so many names knowing we would forget some others.

The entire tradition of folk music, the tradition of music with a political and social meaning… as an example “I Nomadi”, but we could talk about so many others…. the Osterie, everything that was made in those places in the postwar period.

We could also talk about the Jazz tradition, the cellars, the people… Lucio itself was born with Jazz to then grow and reach elsewhere… the Cinema… a certain type of Comic…

Let’s say the Emilia represents the “Via Emilia”… it represents an extraordinary journey that probably didn’t happen in the other Italian regions.